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*Each Montage is custom designed with Heart, Creativity and Care. :) To keep your Montage coordinated
with the design schedule and a good time length,
each design style showcases up to a certain amount of photos.*

Included with Each Montage - A Step-By-Step Guide to Gathering & Sending in Montage Items & Music Song Title List

For a Subtle Design, Choose:

1. Smooth & Subtle Style!

When you enjoy seeing your photos shine on screen as a combination of moving and still images, but prefer no graphics, this Style is for you!
Showcases up to 150 Photos

Click to view Smooth & Subtle Samples!

For Added Creativity & Fun:

2. Savvy Style!

When you enjoy seeing your photos shine on screen with additional graphics, creativity, artistry and fun, this Style is for you! 
Showcases up to 100 Photos

Click to view Savvy Style Samples!

Add to Either Style -

3D Style Moving Image!

Upgrade 3 photos max. in either Style montage to a moving image for some added montage magic!
atch video below to see original photos and how they were turned into

3D Style Moving Images!


Savvy Style design offers additional creative opportunities in your custom designed Montage!

It's never too early to secure a Montage for your Party! Please call or email to check the availability for your Montage design. :)

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