3 Design Styles - From Subtle to Artistic to a Full of Imagination design approach:
Smooth & Subtle, Savvy Style and Marvelous Montage Style - You choose!
Each level of Montage design offers additional creative opportunities. Every Montage is custom designed!
View descriptions below, links to Samples and the commercial below showing how pictures are presented in each Style - Enjoy!

It's never too early to secure a Montage for your Party! Please call or email to check the availability for your Montage design. :)

1. Smooth & Subtle Montage!

When you enjoy seeing your photos shine on screen as a combination of moving and still images, but prefer no graphics, this Style is for you! Guest of Honor's name, party logo or color gradient is shown as a Montage background.

Click to view Smooth & Subtle Samples!

2. Savvy Style Montage!

When you enjoy seeing your photos shine on screen in an Artistic and Creative way, but with a more moderate design approach than in a Marvelous Montage, this Style is for you! 
Click to view Savvy Style Samples!

Marvelous Montage Photo Montage Style

3. Marvelous Montage!
When you want to experience your photos on screen like never before, this Style is for you! Your photos are Brought to Life with Movement, Video Backgrounds, Text and a Whole lot of Creativity and Imagination!
Click to view Marvelous Montage Samples!