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Learn more About Montages and Marvelous Montages
A Photo Montage is a wonderful way to showcase your favorite photos! To learn more about what a Photo Montage is, what Special Occasions Photos Montages are celebrated at and the person who designs the Montages (that would be me, Marlene! :), please visit the About page

Choose your Montage Style

There is a Montage Style to fit whichever creative direction you would like - from the Magic of your Moving Images to an Artistic, but more Moderate design approach to a Smooth & Subtle showing of your photos. Please visit the Choose Your Montage Style page to see which Style looks awesome to you!

Secure your Montage Date

When you know you would like to include a Marvelous Montage as part of your Celebration, even if you may be deciding on which design Style you would like, it's never too early to secure your Montage on the design schedule! Visit the Contact Pagesend an email or call Marlene at 732-431-4391 (New Jersey). Once your date is confirmed, a deposit form/deposit payment will be emailed to you. Please complete and we'll be all set to go! :)

View Creative Samples

A picture is worth 1,000 words...and a video presentation of your pictures should be worth at least 1,000,000! Please visit the Samples page for shortened video samples designed by Marvelous Montages. 

Read What People are Saying about their Montage

Please visit the Testimonials page to view the happy feedback!

Photo & Pricing Packages
To learn about the different Montage Photo & Pricing Packages, please visit this page.

Choose your Montage Items

To make your Montage time easy & smooth sailing!, please visit the Preparation page with helpful tips and suggestions for gathering your Montage items. 

Let's Talk!

I love talking about designing your Montage!, so anytime you have a question or would like to go over anything, please feel free to get in touch! You may visit the Contact Page, send an email to or call me on the phone at 732-431-4391.

I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Marlene