*The information here is for some final details for your Montage. If you are deciding on your music or other information below and do not have all the information, please do not yet submit the form. So all your Montage details can be located in place, please submit when all the information below can be filled out. Thank You. :) ~Marlene

Marvelous Montages Agreement:

- You acknowledge reading and agreeing to the information on the "Pricing/Payment" page, located in the "Pricing" tab in the menu.

- Please double check all photos, music, and any video and/or logo, before sending in to make sure you have everything you need. Once you receive an email that your Montage items have been received, these will be the final Montage items used to design your Montage. If there are any additions, deletions or changes to these items, requested by you while the Montage is being designed, please contact Marvelous Montages to discuss and go over any additional fee. 

- When your Montage design is completed, you will receive a temporary link for viewing. Hopefully you will love everything you see!
Regarding any possible revisions: If there are any additions, deletions or changes to the items that you sent in, outside of minor changes you may like that Marvelous Montages on its own has designed, please contact Marvelous Montages to discuss and go over any additional feeWhile the Montage is being revised, the temporary link will be taken down and when ready, you will receive an updated temporary link to view the place(s) that was revised. Once given final approval, this finalized version will be made for your Digital File. If after you have given the final approval of your Montage and you request additional changes, there will be a minimum $100 fee, to be paid via Paypal. Please complete by date in your email and the Montage will be updated. Expedited design information for receiving Montage items within 2 or less weeks is explained in the Pricing/Payment link (on the first line of this agreement, in the Additional Montage items section of the link). 

- Marvelous Montages is not responsible for any damage, delay or loss of Montage items sent through the mail. If sending Montage items through the mail, please use a service with an accompanying tracking number.  

- All payment is done online through Paypal, which allows payment through your Credit Card or your Paypal account. When your Montage items are received, a Paypal invoice will be emailed to you to pay for the Montage. Please complete by the date in your email and once payment is received, the Montage design begins! The invoice will include the name Alan S. Brooker Photography, Inc. - Marvelous Montages is the Montage division of Alan S. Brooker Photography, Inc. All payment is made to Alan S. Brooker Photography, Inc. (NJ residents please add 6.625% NJ Sales Tax).


-If you decide to cancel the services of Marvelous Montages, there will be a $150 fee. Also, the deposit for your montage is non-refundable.

- You acknowledge that any photos or videos sent to Marvelous Montages that may not be the best quality or are under the recommended file sizes may possibly not be crystal clear or sharp in your Montage and will reflect the original quality of those photos/videos. Marvelous Montages will do the best to preserve the quality of these photos/videos and they may be shown smaller on screen and photos may also be shown on screen with another photo. You also acknowledge that you have approved of each song and any 'colorful' language in a song has been approved by you and depending on how much of the song is used in your Montage, this 'colorful' language then may be heard in your Montage. Marvelous Montages cannot edit out words in songs and uses songs as is.

- Included with each Montage, is a .mp4 digital file of your video. Please check with the person playing your Montage that the Montage can be played as a .mp4 (this is the most popular format for Montages to be shown) and the date the digital file is needed by for testing the file. If there are other specifications/a different file format needed, please let Marlene know as early as possible so your Montage will be output in the file format needed. You will receive your Montage digital file via an email from wetransfer.com. The file is available to download for 7 days, but once downloaded, the file is yours to keep. The date the file will be deleted from wetransfer.com is noted at the top of the wetransfer.com email. Please download within these 7 days. This wetransfer.com email can be forwarded to the person playing your Montage with a note to please download the file by the date at the top of the email. Please have the person playing the Montage at your Event test out the file from beginning to end several days/a week before your Event, on the equipment that will be used at your Event.

- You agree and acknowledge that the photos, music and any video or logo supplied to Marvelous Montages are your personal property and you hereby give permission for use of said photos, music and any video or logo in the Photo Montage that will be produced for you by Marvelous Montages. You further agree and acknowledge that the Marvelous Montages product will be used for private use and will not be commercially distributed. You agree to hold Marvelous Montages harmless for any judgment costs, legal fees, or other expenses that might arise by the reason of any infringement of copyright related to this order. There are no refunds for the Marvelous Montages product. 


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