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Montage Steps.png

1. Choose your Montage Style or know you would like a Montage and will decide on a Montage Style. Each Montage is custom designed, creative and personalized. There is a design style for whichever creative direction you would like!

2. Check your Event Date with Marlene at Marvelous Montages by email,, or  phone, 732-431-4391 (located in NJ) or the form on the Contact Page.

3. Once your Event Date is confirmed, deposit information will be emailed to you. Please complete within 2 business days (the date will be in your email or within 24 hours for shorter time frame) and your Montage will be secure on the design schedule!

4. With deposit information completed, we’re set to begin! Marlene will email you information on gathering and sending in your Montage items, a list of song titles used in various montages and is happy to help along the way – please feel free to email and/or call! :)

5. When ready, a link to view your Montage will be emailed to you. Hopefully you will love everything you see! If there is a revision(s), please let Marlene know. Your Montage will be updated and you will be sent an updated link to view.

6. Once your Montage is finalized, a link to download the Montage digital file will be emailed to you.

7. Watch your Montage: Laugh. Smile. Reminisce. Repeat! :)

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