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Song selection for your Montage adds another layer of personalization to your video. :) Some Montages begin with a slower, melodic song and some begin with high energy - it's all your preference! A few tips to keep in mind when selecting songs for your Photo Montage: 

  • A song with a high energy/beat is a great way to conclude the Montage pictures.

  • Look up the lyrics online of the songs you would like to use to double check the words/language.

  • See that the songs you would like to use are available and that if there are objectionable words, that there is a radio edit version of the song available. 

  • Listen to your songs in the order you would like to get an idea of the feel/flow of the music. Most of the time not all of the song is used, but this will give you a good idea of the flow of your music.

  • When you're all set to go with a Montage, Marlene can go over with you more ideas about your music! 

Some Song List Suggestions for your Montage:


  • Better Place

  • Forever Now

  • Little Wonders

  • My Wish

  • Never Grow Up

  • Seasons of Love

  • You'll Be in My Heart


  • Beautiful Day

  • Count on Me

  • Different Colors

  • Fireflies

  • Have it All

  • Life is Better With You

  • Moments Like This


  • Best Day of My Life

  • Brighter Than the Sun

  • Can't Stop the Feeling

  • Good Time

  • Happy

  • On Top of the World

  • Walking on Sunshine

Get in touch today for your Montage! ~Marlene :), 732-431-4391

Photo Montage Song list and Song suggestions for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Bnai Mitzvah, Bnot Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement, Holiday and more!

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