Flow of your Montage - Part 2: Category Montage!

December 27, 2016

Last week's Blog looked into the aspects of a Chronological Montage - a Montage that showcases your photos from the early years to the present day pictures.  This week's Blog will delve into the world of Category Montages, another design approach for your Montage.  Both types showcase your photos, but what exactly is a Category Montage?
Read on to learn more about it - Let's Begin! :)



A Category Montage showcases your photos by showing them in different themes, or categories. Some examples are the Guest of Honor alone, Main Family, Sports, Friends, etc. If you have many photos that correspond to a specific theme, then a Category Montage may be the way you would like your Montage designed. And within those categories, it works nicely to show the photos in age order to see the growth throughout the years.  


A category can be any kind of photo subject that you can fill nicely with pictures. Sometimes themes can happily take your Family and Friends by surprise and add even more smiles, like in the Theo's Montage below, where a whole category was devoted to his long hair! 


Theo's Bar Mitzvah Category Photo Montage, 2nd section devoted to his hair!:


As seen by Theo's Montage above, having an extra fun category really adds nicely to your Montage and gives many opportunities for the Marvelous Montages design. Here are some suggestions for Montage categories that you can use for your photos:



How many photos you choose for each category can also depend on how many overall photos you are having in your Montage, but choosing approx. 8-15 photos per category is a good idea to keep in mind when choosing which photos you would like with each theme. There can be more than 15, but less than 7 or 8 may seem a little too short. 


Brooke's Bat Mitzvah Category Photo Montage:

If you have less than 7 or 8 photos and would like those in a category by itself, there are a few different suggestions to incorporate them in your Montage. One suggestion is to combine that section with another theme and have a nicely designed title page writing out each category - Activites & Sports. Another suggestion is to have the category by itself and then have the music be the same for this category and the category before or after. And if you have another suggestion, you can always let me know! :) 


This 50th Anniversary keepsake below was a 50 Photo Montage and was designed with several different categories. Take a look!


50th Anniversary Photo Montage:



Since each Montage Category is a theme of its own, it does tend to work out nicely to have a specific song for each themed section. This way, the music selection can really compliment the photos of that particular category. But sometimes it also works out nicely to have one song be played over 2 categories that may be similar. Maybe your Camp and Friend photos would go really great with one particular song. Or Maybe your Activity and Sports photos would both compliment one awesome tune. Whatever you think works best, go with it! :) 



This is another personal preference and your Montage can be designed either way. With titles, each time a new theme is about to begin, a nicely designed "title card" is displayed to show the new category. An example is the 50th Anniversary Montage above. 


Dissolving transitions from one picture directly into the next photo. The photos overlap and the music also fades out and then fades into a new song to show the next section. This is shown in Theo's Montage towards the top. Fading to Black is also a nice way to end one section and welcome the viewers into a new section, as seen in Ty's Montage sample below. 


Ty's Bar Mitzvah Photo Montage:


A Marvelous Montage Family spoke about having their Montage presented in a Category form: "I chose to separate the pictures into categories to show the different aspects of Joshua's life. When going thru the photos, they naturally fell into categories of Josh (solo pictures), Family, Sports, and Vacations. He has been in all of these from baby to teenager. It was nice to see him mature categorically instead of just chronologically. It also led to choosing different types of songs to represent the different parts of Joshua."


There are many possibilities with a Chronological or Category Montage. It's all depends on how you would like your Montage story to flow. If you would like to discuss either type of Montage, please feel free to get in contact with the information below! ~Marlene :) 



If you have any questions or would like to go over anything regarding a Marvelous Montage, I would love to hear from you!

Please call 732-431-4391, email: montage@marvelousmontages.com or fill out the Contact Form and we'll begin your Montage story!
~ Marlene :) 



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Flow of your Montage - Part 2: Category Montage!

December 27, 2016