Hello! Find answers to your Montage questions below and please feel free to email and/or call with anything you would like to go over - 
I am always happy to help and talk about your Montage! ~Marlene :) 

I would like a Montage for my Event - what is the next step? 
Sounds wonderful! :) If you know which Montage Style you would like or know you would like a Montage and are deciding on the design Style, please contact Marlene at Marvelous Montages by email, phone or the contact tab above ( or 732-431-4391 in NJ) to check the date of your Event. Hopefully all is good and we can move forward! To get everything set on the design schedule, a deposit form/deposit invoice will be emailed to you. Please complete by the date in your email and we'll be all set to go!

I would like a more subtle or a more artistic design approach - can you design my Montage that way?

Absolutely! :) Each Montage is custom designed and personalized in the creative direction you would like. The tabs above on "Choose your Montage Style" and "Samples" have more information and links to samples on each Montage Design Style. Anytime you would like to go over your Montage design, please feel free to email and/or call!

How do I get everything together/send in items for my Montage?

When we're all set on the design schedule, Marlene will email information on gathering your Montage items. The information will have all you need to take the guesswork out of getting everything together for your Montage! A free website called is a great way to send in items. Items can also be sent in through Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. If at anytime while gathering your Montage items or sending them in you have any questions, please feel free to email and/or call - I am happy to help! :) 

How long will my Montage be? 

This is one of the most asked questions! If you would like your Montage an approx. time length, please let me know. :) Each Montage is watched many times while it is being designed so the flow and pacing moves along nicely and keeps your interest from beginning to end. Montage time depends on the photo amount, if your Montage layout is chronological or in categories, the tempo of your music and if any videos are included. An approx. time length for a 100 Photo Montage is: Smooth & Subtle approx. 6-7 minutes, Savvy Style approx. 7-8 minutes and Marvelous Montages approx. 8-9 minutes. Your Montage may be a bit shorter or a bit longer depending on the factors listed. For Montages with more than 100 photos, please contact Marlene to discuss an approx. time length. :)

When should I send in my Montage items?  

I have designed Montages with a time frame of a Family contacting me and sending in items a few days before their Event to a Family contacting me and sending in items six months before their Event! I would love to design a Montage for each Family that would like one!, so whatever your time frame may be, please email and/or call so we can discuss your Montage more. If your Event is several months away, a time frame to receive items for around a 100 Photo Montage is approx. 2 months before your Event/date needed to test your Montage digital file. 

Can I choose my music/can you help with music selection?

Yes and Yes! Each Montage is custom designed and personalized and music selection is a part of that. :) When we're all set to go, Marvelous Montages can send a list of songs that have been used in various Montages. You can select one or more songs from the list and/or choose songs not on the list. 

I have some ideas for my Montage - can you incorporate them? 

Each Montage is custom designed and personalized and incorporating ideas you have is nice way to do that. If you have some ideas for your Montage, please share them with me and we will go over. :) 

Can I see my Montage before the digital file is sent to me?
Definitely! When everything is ready, a link will be emailed to you to view your Montage. Hopefully you will love everything you see! If there is a revision(s), please let me know. Your Montage will be revised and an updated link will be sent to you. When everything is approved, your Montage digital file will be created and sent to you. 

How is my Montage sent to me? 

Each Montage includes a digital file. You will receive an email from with a link to download your Montage. This link can also be forwarded to the person playing your Montage so they can also download the file. Montages are also available on DVD or Blu-Ray for an additional fee.

I would like to talk more about my Montage - can I contact you?

Definitely! I love talking about designing your Montage, so anytime you have a question or would like to go over anything, please feel free to get in touch! Please feel free to email and/or call me on the phone at 732-431-4391, in NJ. ~Marlene :)